18 Amazing Heat-Tolerant Annuals That Will Survive Summer

As the warm weather approaches, it’s important to pick the perfect plants for your garden that can handle high heat. Heat-tolerant annuals not only add beautiful pops of color to your garden but also need less care. In this guide, I’ll share with you 18 amazing heat-tolerant annuals to keep your garden looking fantastic even during the hottest summer days!

Heat tolerant and heat resistant annuals.YayImages

Best Heat Tolerant Annuals

Let’s dive in and discover the perfect heat-resistant annual flowers for your garden:

1. Marigold

Bright marigold flowers in autumnal garden as a natural backgroundYayImages

Marigolds, especially French Marigold, are renowned for their vibrant colors and ability to withstand extreme heat.

They’re perfect for adding a bright orange pop of color to flower beds. 

Plant them in well-draining soil under the summer sun, and they’ll reward you with blooms all summer long.

Plus, they’re excellent for repelling pests such as nematodes and aphids, making them a practical choice for the eco-conscious gardener.

2. Lantana Camara

Lantana camara shrub flowering in a garden.YayImages

Lantana camara is one of the truest heat-loving annuals, flourishing in the hottest conditions.

This versatile plant is a butterfly magnet, attracting beautiful pollinators to your garden.

Plant Lantana in sunny spots with well-drained soil, and watch it thrive with minimal care.

Its clusters of small, brightly colored flowers create a stunning visual impact, and its drought resistance makes it a reliable performer in the heat.

3. Zinnia

Colorful Zinnia flowers growing in a flower gardenYayImages

Zinnias are a garden favorite, boasting bold, bright blooms that endure the hot summers.

They are easy to grow and come in a variety of colors.

Plant them in full sun with well-drained soil, and enjoy their long-lasting flowers.

Zinnias are also excellent for cutting gardens, as their sturdy stems and vibrant flower heads make for stunning bouquets that can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

4. Cosmos

Pink cosmos flower blooming in the garden.YayImages

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) are delightful and airy, perfect for creating a whimsical garden feel.

These heat-tolerant plants thrive in full sun and well-drained soil.

Their delicate blooms attract pollinators, making them a great addition to any garden.

Cosmos are known for their ease of growth from seed, making them an accessible choice for both novice and experienced gardeners looking to add a touch of charm to their space.

5. Portulaca

Pink portulaca flower growing in front of yard.YayImages

Portulaca grandiflora, or Moss Rose, is a tough plant that thrives in hot weather and dry summers.

Its succulent-like foliage and bright, cup-shaped flowers make it a charming ground cover.

Plant it in well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight.

Portulaca’s flowers open in the morning and close in the afternoon, providing a daily burst of color that can brighten up any sunny spot in your garden.

6. Celosia

Colorful and beautiful Celosia Argentea plants in the garden.YayImages

Celosia argentea, with its unique, feathery plumes, adds texture and color to any garden.

This heat-tolerant annual loves full sun and well-drained soil.

It’s a striking choice for both borders and containers.

Celosia comes in various forms, including the cockscomb and plume types, each offering a unique visual appeal that can add dramatic flair to your summer garden.

7. Verbena

Verbena flowers growing in a pot in front of a white background.YayImages

Verbena is a resilient plant that thrives in heat and adds continuous color to your container garden.

It prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Verbena’s trailing habit makes it perfect for hanging baskets and window boxes.

This plant’s vibrant clusters of flowers can bloom continuously from late spring until frost, making it an excellent choice for maintaining long-lasting beauty in your garden.

8. Vinca

Vinca periwinkle flowers in a summer garden in the sun.YayImages

Vinca, also known as Periwinkle, is perfect for hot climates.

It’s a low maintenance plant that thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

Its glossy leaves and bright flowers make it a garden staple.

Vinca is particularly valued for its ability to thrive in poor soil conditions, providing reliable color even in less-than-ideal growing situations.

9. Sunflower

Sunflower growing on a sunny front porch.YayImages

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are synonymous with summer.

These towering beauties thrive in full sun and well-drained soil.

They are quick and easy to grow and bring a cheerful vibe to any garden.

Sunflowers come in various sizes, from dwarf varieties suitable for containers to giant types that can create stunning garden backdrops, making them versatile and appealing to all gardeners.

10. Salvia

Blue salvia plant blooming in a gardenYayImages

Salvia is a hardy plant that is well-suited for drought conditions.

Its vibrant spikes of flowers are a magnet for pollinators. They are also deer resistant, making them ideal for gardens in rural areas.

Plant Salvia in sunny spots with well-drained soil for the best results.

Salvia’s ability to bloom continuously throughout the summer and into the fall makes it a reliable choice for adding sustained color to your garden.

11. Petunia

Best plants for hanging baskets in full sun.YayImages

Petunias are a classic choice for summer gardens.

They thrive in full sun and well-drained soil, offering a riot of color.

Regular deadheading will keep them blooming all season long.

Petunias are available in an array of different colors and patterns, including striking bi-colors and velvety textures, making them an incredibly versatile choice for garden design.

12. Gomphrena

Globe amaranth or Gomphrena globosa annual flower in the summer heat.YayImages

Gomphrena, or Globe Amaranth, is a heat-tolerant annual that adds a unique texture to your garden.

Its round, clover-like blooms come in vibrant shades and thrive in full sun with well-drained soil.

Gomphrena is also an excellent choice for dried flower arrangements, as its flowers retain their color and shape when dried, providing lasting beauty.

13. Spider Flower

Spider flower drought-tolerant annual plants in the summer sun.YayImages

Spider Flowers (Cleome) are tall plants that easily handle the summer heat. Their unique, spidery blooms add an exotic touch to gardens.

Plant them in full sun with well-drained soil, and enjoy their dramatic presence.

Cleome’s long blooming period and tolerance for poor soil conditions make it an excellent choice for adding height and interest to summer gardens.

14. Amaranthus

Amaranthus caudatus flowers in a summer garden.

Amaranthus caudatus, also known as Love-Lies-Bleeding, is a show-stopping annual with cascading red or green tassels.

It thrives in hot, sunny conditions and well-drained soil, making it a bold choice for summer gardens.

Amaranthus can reach impressive heights, providing a striking vertical element and adding a touch of the exotic to garden landscapes.

15. Coreopsis

Tickseed or Coreopsis flowers in a sunny garden.YayImages

Coreopsis, or Tickseed, is a heat-tolerant annual with daisy-like yellow flowers.

It’s perfect for adding a splash of yellow to your garden. 

Plant Coreopsis in full sun with well-drained soil for the best display.

Coreopsis is known for its ability to bloom prolifically, often continuing to flower even in the face of neglect, making it a gardener’s delight.

16. Ageratum

Selective focus of Ageratum billy goat weed flowers. Small purple grass flowers in the garden on blurred background.YayImages

Ageratum, with its fluffy blue flowers, is a heat-resistant annual that adds a cool tone to hot summer gardens.

It thrives in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

Ageratum’s compact growth habit makes it ideal for edging garden beds and filling in gaps between larger plants, providing a soft and cohesive look to garden designs.

17. SunPatiens

beautiful pink New Guinea impatiens flowers (impatiens hawkeri) in summer garden.YayImages

SunPatiens are a robust variety of Impatiens that can withstand full sun and heat.

These sun-loving annuals are perfect for adding continuous color to sunny spots in your garden. 

Plant them in well-drained soil and enjoy their prolific blooms.

SunPatiens are known for their resilience, making them an excellent low-maintenance plant for gardeners seeking vibrant color.

18. Angelonia

Little Turtle Flower, Summer snapdragon, Forget me Not, Angelonia  in a full sun garden.YayImages

Angelonia, also known as summer snapdragon, is a heat-loving plant that thrives in full sun.

Its spikes of colorful flowers add vertical interest to gardens.

Plant Angelonia in well-drained soil and watch it flourish.

Angelonia’s ability to withstand both heat and humidity makes it a reliable choice for summer gardens, providing continuous blooms even in challenging conditions.

Pink angelonia flower. Heat tolerant annual.YayImages


Choosing the right heat-tolerant annuals for your garden can make all the difference during the hot summer months.

With these resilient annual plants, you can ensure your garden remains vibrant and beautiful no matter how high the temperatures climb!

18 full sun heat tolerant plants and flowers.
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